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  • Move over features, Usability and Ux design are now officially acknowledged as the differentiators of successful digital products.  Even an umpteenth attempt in an existing product domain can become highly successful if one were to… ||Read more

  • “What do you do for your customers dad?”, my 12 year old asked as she looked at the latest presentation I was making about our offerings. “Digital transformation”, I told her, hoping that would make her less inclined to press on further, but that’s when I realised where the… ||Read more

  • User experiences and outcomes for a better product design

    Product managers begin a product design journey with the usual suspects like a market need and a set of features. And once product management has a well laid out list of product features backed by that all awesome architecture and tech stack, it ends up in defense of what was… ||Read more

  • A 4 point checklist for digital product development

    The risks of next generation digital product development are widely distributed across a variety of factors impacting it. Investors and entrepreneurs are faced with a wide range of choices and questions, requiring them to navigate a digital maze of opportunities and risks.… ||Read more

  • User acquisition and retention is everything when it comes to measuring return on investments on any external facing digital asset. The freemium or advertising ways of acquiring users is passé, for the simple reason that they have succeeded in gaining users, but not in… ||Read more

  • Digital transformation is a series of interventions, all contributing to the larger strategy of creating a virtual presence for the business in a world where the customer and the partner are willing to be present and transact, than ever before.  It is interesting to note a… ||Read more

  • With a hawked eye focus on cost and risk management in IT spends, organizations cannot afford to become part of the 54% cost and time overrun ERP project groups anymore. And, the reasons are more about change management challenges in organizations, as per a study from… ||Read more

  • CIO’s and IT Vendors: Forging a New Partnership

    In mid-2008, reports began pouring in that CIOs’ budgets had shrunk from double- to single-digit growth, or had even become stagnant. The sharp business downturn in 2009 and a resultant shift of business focus on survival strategy put the spotlight on traditional IT spends.… ||Read more