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Managing your ERP implementation risk with Social, Mobile and BYOD

With a hawked eye focus on cost and risk management in IT spends, organizations cannot afford to become part of the 54% cost and time overrun ERP project groups anymore. And, the reasons are more about change management challenges in organizations, as per a study from panorama consulting, reported by CIO.

As more ERP vendors join the monolithic ERP devolution game, like SAP Business One, making available a more flexible and configurable platforms, organizations will increasingly look to come up with a strategy to shorten implementation cycles and gain quicker adoption.

Combine these two and you have pointers into managing implementation risks better.  The general consensus on trending seems to be on reducing user complexity. Customer centricity and social learning UI’s , provide the users a choice to experience Mobility on either the company’s assets, or even adopting the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) philosophy. Security concerns however remain, even while players like SAP and Oracle try to address these features on their cloud offerings.

Whether in Phased Roll outs or Big Bang deployments, a strategy on releasing pilots to mobile devices for gaining quick insights to adoption, may require a bold PMO to tweak the typical roll out process.  There may be a case to look at Agile more closely in parallel with known ERP implementation methodologies to facilitate this change.

Whatever the approach, the focus on user centricity for managing change and  implementation risks better, is loud and clear.

Posted by Mahendra Penumathsa on Mar 05
Blog tags: Business Strategy