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Delivering Business IT

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What we offer

We understand that software product development is core to businesses survival and success today. Whether it is a startup idea looking to have the first mover advantage for a cool app, or an existing business looking to extend it’s offline business to an online world, we have the right plans to support your needs.

Our product development services are low risk, flexible in budgets and on time.

Concept Validation through a Low or No Cost POC

1 to 3 week sprints give you a proof of concept that your needs can be supported by technology, in a scalable manner. Depending on the size and nature of your needs, Neobric can offer a very low cost or no cost POC to help you with this validation exercise.

Fixed Budget Product Development

If you are ready with what the product should do, we are ready to commit to a fixed budget and a timeline to get the job done.

Progressive releases and effort burn down charts help you with the required visibility and transparency to track progress. A standard documentation set and Quality verified code is delivered to your deployment environment of choice. All the required IP protection measures are undertaken during the contracting phase.

Flexible Product Development

If you have an idea or a need, and are looking for a partner to brainstorm possibilities on how it could be done, we first invite you to have a chat with us. Allow us to demonstrate how your needs can be translated into the next generation of product IP. We will deliver all these insights to you free of charge, as a part of our pre consulting phase.

Once you are convinced that we can deliver, we offer a time and material priced service in 3 distinct phases:

  • Design Consulting: We will help beef up the idea, add our indepth experience on bringing the latest practices and possibilities to it. We will propose
    1. A product feature set that can extend the lifecycle of your investments;
    2. An architecture to support product scalability and,
    3. A roll out plan to meet your business and budget goals.

We will iterate this output with your own insights and inputs before arriving at a solid product plan.

  • Product Delivery: We will deploy the Agile based Extreme Programming (XP) or Kanban approaches for engineering delivery. Both the approaches offer varying degrees of flexibility to the outcomes, considering the need for you to constantly market test progressive releases and update your product plan accordingly. Software Engineering, Usability and Quality are all bundled into a seamless semi or fully automated environments.
  • Product Roll Out: Neobric will package your product, after a rigorous application of “end of delivery” quality checklists, performance and security validations tailored to the product needs and a standard documentation to help with a seamless transition of the product to your management.

All our product development efforts come with a standard 30 day post release warranty, and optional Business Continuity Services tailored to fit your needs.

In summary neobric offers great quality that is backed by experience of developing new age products, Quicker to Market, and an offshore based development team for lower TCO.

See “How we do it” to learn more about our approach.

For Case Studies, Additional information on Process, or Pricing contact: