What we look for in new hires?

  • Positivity - Being only a possibility, with a calm demeanor and a belief in the team. That's what we meant.
  • Art of Communication – Saying it for what it is. Without a worry of being right and wrong, can you take guessing out of the equation?
  • Passion – Would you care for what we deliver to an end user?
  • Learnability – We only know what we know. There is a lot more we don’t. Do you agree?
  • Flexibility – Can you be open, inquisitive and flexible enough to become an all rounder? We can help keep your focus, but no hard coded roles. The digital world just doesn't work that way
  • Innovation/Creativity – That’s the key for you to be noticed here
  • Self Driven - We do not believe in micro managing. We want to trust for what you say and what you do

So, if you fit in atleast 5 from the above mentioned list, you are on for a dialogue with us to see if we can have a great journey together.

We are always in a quest for go getters. OPEN NOW

(1) Anyone with a minimum experience of 3 years in Java Full Stack /PHP Full Stack/UI ?

(2) Anyone with atleast 2 to 3 years of experience in Online Marketing?

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