Mobile Applications


Neobric helps businesses by designing, developing and deploying Mobile Applications across consumer and enterprise use cases. Our services range across a spectrum of enabling architectures, development platforms and deployment options.

Neobric supports your needs to build

  • Native Applications for ios, Android and MS Windows, using appcelerator frameworks vs. Native programming.
  • Embedded devices, programmed for close ended contexts.
  • Thin clients for hybrid apps
  • HTML 5 / Responsive applications for browser based deployment.
Development Approach

Test Coverage

  • Functional
  • Performance & Scalability
  • Usability & Compatibility
  • Device Certification Testing
  • UI Response Testing
  • Crash Point Testing
  • Low Connectivity Tests
  • Memory Leaks
  • Sleep / Idle Mode
  • Battery Usage
  • Network Disconnection in the middle of a thread

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User Experience Design

User Experience on Mobile is everything and is the key difference between adoption and failure for an app.

While the web services and enabling architectures provide high availability of core functionality from the cloud, the front end User Interface allows a user to experience usability in single clicks to get the job done.

Neobric deploys a proprietary usability framework.  The 3 dimensions and 4 context framework helps ask the right questions to design user experience and UI. 


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